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Dr Maria Tulino
Psychologist & CBT Therapist

“Some changes look negative on the surface but you will soon realize that space is being created in your life for something new to emerge (Eckhart Tolle)”

My Background

I was born and raised in Rome, Italy and I started studying Clinical Psychology there, because I was fascinated by the human mind and I wanted to know more. The more I studied psychology and the more I realised how much I didn’t know and how mysterious our mind is. I moved to London in 2006 and I kept studying Counselling Psychology this time, and Cognitive Behavioural Therapy. I have learned a great deal about how to support people through different kinds of struggles by working in a variety of settings such as NHS services, charities and hospitals.

Since then, my clients have been helping me to understand all the theories I have read in the books and most importantly they have helped me to understand myself and how much I enjoy being able to participate and facilitate their self understanding and growth.

Through both my personal and professional experience, I have learnt to identify aspects of myself and the situation that I did not consider at first, and find opportunities to grow in adversity.
We live in a society where there is the highest pressure on achieving financial and socially approved success and the highest level of unhappiness in the history of mankind.
In my experience, fear and defensiveness prevent us from having an honest and meaningful relationship with ourselves and others. I have learnt the importance of supporting clients to develop receptivity and openness towards others through the genuine and authentic relationship they establish with me. The aim of my work is to support my client to understand what constitutes a successful life for them and how to shift from living life as human doing to finally living as a human being.

Client Success Stories

Through my sessions with Dr Maria Tulino I was able to identify and contextualise my unhealthy thought patterns and anxiety triggers. Dr Maria Tulino supported and enabled me to gain the confidence, tools and skills needed to implement the changes my boundaries, behaviour and self-esteem desperately needed. Her insight, understanding and professionalism was everything I could have asked for, I cannot recommend her enough.


I can’t thank and recommend Maria enough. Maria has been such an important, positive influence in helping me overcome my challenges with her easy to talk demeanour and non-judgemental attitude. Maria’s help has changed my outlook for the better through her knowledge, inspiring words and has regularly sent me links to relevant, free to access articles/resources to provide additional support. She has done this even outside of our regular sessions.

A. Townsend

I met Maria when I was feeling really down about the recent loss of my father and my ups and downs with my husband. Maria has helped me a lot in managing my anxiety and insecurities, teaching me how to accept the bad moments and overcome many fears. I can say that I feel much better and I am happy to have embarked on this journey with her.