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Dr Maria Tulino
Psychologist & CBT Therapist

What are you struggling with?


I will help you to understand the meaning of your anxiety and find strategies to manage it.

You will be able to shift your unhelpful beliefs and misconceptions about unpleasant emotions
You will learn to identify and observe stressful situations- unhelpful/critical thoughts; distressing emotions and unhelpful behaviors; the next step will be to learn to let go of unhelpful/critical thoughts and learn how to take care of your emotions
You will develop a friendly and compassionate inner dialogue to encourage yourself to move forward and face life challenges

Mindfulness skill

Techniques for practising self compassion

Techniques to manage distressing emotions and thoughts

Guided meditations and visualisations exercises


I will help you to understand the meaning of your low mood and sadness and find a way to get back to play the game of life with joyful creativity.

We will focus on identifying strategies to manage your depression by developingself awareness, self understanding and self compassion.

exploratory self enquiry to clarify, comprehend your subjective experience using phenomenological existential method.

constructively confront your self-defeating or destructive ways of being in the world and put your depression into a broader perspective to allow you to exercise your responsibility and freedom to choose a different way of being in the world.

Low self worth and lack of purpose

I will help you to become aware of the meaning of your fight against yourself and to change your mistrustful vision of the world.

When we know ourselves and we stop projecting our insecurities onto the outside world, it is easier to identify and shift unhealthy habits/patterns that prevent us from living a fulfilling life.

collaborative process of self discovery,

confronting philosophical, spiritual and existential questions of living.

Developing a way of living in a meaningful and authentic life.

4 Steps

Find you personal edge: the place where you can learn something new about yourself and life.

Rediscover and learn to trust your gut feeling and choose what makes you feel good and fulfils your potentials.

Develop a friendly relationship with yourself. Our inner dialogue is often self critical and self defeating. This attitude can only foster isolation and loneliness.

Reconnect with yourself and others. Psychological suffering prevents us from accessing our inner world and our great inner richness and creativity. When we are disconnected from ourselves and others we lose our sense of direction and we feel lost.

What you will learn